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picture main
We compared the antibacterial performance on different types
of Platinum Nano treated tiles which have been washed or not washed.

Examination Procedure
The material of plates and additive amount are shown below.

Lab 01

Lab 02
After tested antibacterial performance

Lab 03
Washed by water after the application

Antibacterial Exam
1. Used mold :DH5a Bacillus coli (Takara Bio Co.,Ltd)
2. Medium liquid :dissolved 17,600cfu in sterile physiological saline and regulated the medium liquid (350cfu/0.02ml)
3. Placed the culture media near the center of laboratory table and placed assessed samples as the picture below indicates
4. Applied the above medium liquid evenly and left for 3 hours with the plates covered by stainless-steel case
5. After leaving, stamped by Bacillus coli stamp and cultivated for 4 days at 30℃ 85% climate.
6. Collected agar medium with physiological saline and counted viable bacteria for 24hours.
7. Calculated the bacterial eradication rate according to the number of viable bacteria.
Bacterial eradication rate (%) = (control - measured figure) / control x 100

table 01
Viable bacteria (cfu); bacterial eradication rate (%)

table 02
(1) Beginning (2) washed by water after the application

Test results
Type of tested Platinum Nano particles
A PT-30 Best suited for cosmetics and freshness- keeping
B PTX-30K2 antibacteria flux
C PTX-30K antibacteria flux
D Platinumfresh PTX-30K with alcohol inclusion

Outlook after the test
1. The difference between PT-30 and PTX-30 has been defined.
PT-30 has high level of antioxidant action, however less antibacterial action
2. The test has been done 24hours after undertaking. It is also effective instantly, however please execute 24hours later when you test.
3. It shows the difference obviously when it is tested in applied condition or removed protective material after applying.
However, it would appear that it is less than coating of removed protective after dipping to fiber cloth. 
Complete washing has been done in this test. However the bactericidal effect shows without washing, too. So I suppose simply rubbing with a dry cloth or wet towel will do, too.
4. Platinum fresh includes alcohol (ethanol). This product has been developed for measures against nosocomial infection.
5  The conclusion is that this product is effective as measures against nosocomial infection in hospitals with just spraying it.
Platinumfresh is easily used at places where dynamic measures against nosocomial infection are unable. So, it is recommended to spray where many people touch, like door knobs etc.

With the instant antibacterial effect by alcohol and the persisting effect of Platinum Nano particles, further exploring new business opportunities in hospitals, nursing homes and restaurant industries or private use can be expected.
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