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Can Face Masks alone protect you from infectious germs?

Medical masks NO ! The Japanese H1N1 virus outbreak experience has shown us, that Masks alone cannot protect you from catching the disease. Therefore, any Face Mask should be treated with GermsFree® to prevent bacteria and viruses to be transferred from your Mask to your Organs.

The H1N1 virus has spread throughout the world.  The number of people affected grows everyday.  Have you ever wondered whether your Face Mask is really protecting your health effectively from H1N1 and the many other viruses circulating around you? Be prepared for the next virus to come and get GermsFree® now.

  What’s New in GermsFree® Protective Products?
To Make Any Surface Immune to Germ Attacks
  Lab To immunize means to protect or safeguard.  When GermsFree® is sprayed on any surface the surface will be safeguarded.

Did you know that when you apply only alcohol on a surface it will kill germs present at that very moment, but they will reappear and the surface will become contaminated if touched again? Did you know that alcohol cannot destroy viruses?

Free® is the solution to re contaminated surfaces!
GermsFree® ensures that the surfaces you apply it to
1)  destroys most of germs and viruses
2)  Stays protected and contamination free

  How long is GermsFree® Active and Effective?
ClockAt least 3-4 weeks !!!
  GermsFree® starts to become active when completely dry and stays active for at least 3-4 weeks, even when washed with water.
GermsFree® contains 10 % of grade A drinking alcohol, that enhances the evaporation process so that the Platinum Nano Colloid particles can settle and dry fast to start their protective shield for you.
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  Is Platinum Nano safe for your body?
  Since Platinum Nano has been used for some time in both the cosmetic industry as one of the major ingredients for anti aging of the skin and also in several health foods and supplements, you do not need to worry about the safety of the Product, please click here to see the product specification.

Since Platinum Nano contains 10 % drinking alcohol, you should treat it the same way as you would with any other product with a 10 % alcohol content.

  Where has Platinum Nano been successfully used so far?
  Platinum Nano applications are already well known and fully approved for use in cosmetics for anti aging, health foods and supplements and protecting foods against oxidation, also in Hospitals and public transportation in Japan.

To see some examples of products containing Platinum Nano, and how fruits can be preserved from oxidizing click here
  A Major Japanese University
  Reports that Platinum Nano has been tested for germs resistance potency. To see the report click here.
  If you are wondering how many “Platinum Nano Colloids” there are in one bottle of GermsFree®?
  Please see the picture below.
NanoparticlesImagine the astounding estimated 2,000 billion Platinum Nano Colloids in one 20ml bottle!
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!!! UPDATE !!!
Pandemic (H1N1)
July 6, 2009 (cases)

World: 94,512
(deaths 429)

Japan: 1,709
(deaths 0)
!! All GermsFree® products are available with Japanese labels only. more info
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Pandemic H1N1
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"We will have the correct formula of Platinum Nano for all kind of different product applications, in Beauty Care, Health or Bacteria and Virus guard.
Every milliliter of GermsFree® will kill Bacteria and Viruses for you".

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